Intel-I-Com World Health Systems ®

For decades, San-I-Pak, Inc. has embraced the philosophy of having our systems “designed by hospitals, for hospitals.” This philosophy has evolved our technology to better benefit hospitals. The new San-I-Pak Intel-I-Com System offers a new dimension in electronic management!!! The system will fax, page, and/or e-mail data to upwards of 35 different receivers. In addition to the San-I-Pak medical waste treatment system, Intel-I-Com can be used in limitless applications within a health care facility (i.e. HVAC, security, telecommunications, etc…). This unique system can manage equipment remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Performance notification
  • Notifies operator of cycle status via pager
  • Detects deterioration of mechanical components
  • Emergency service alert
  • System analysis report
  • Waste tracking
  • On-call disposal notification
  • Waste manifest
  • Efficacy verification


Sample Intel-I-Com Screen Views & Processing Reports

Sample Screen Views

Intel-I-Com is a Computer based system that anticipates the need for service, repairs, consumables and other performance factors by constantly analyzing equipment performance, thereby averting unscheduled downtime.

  • Simplifies waste management by automatically transmitting programmable messages by a fax or pager or e-mail.
  • Default messages to notify waste hauler for container pickups, order support products, analyze pre-failure diagnostics, and record performance information.
  • Automatically reports on employee performance, waste management efficacy, equipment performance changes.
  • Pages the operator when a cycle is complete, thereby freeing up 80% of his time for other tasks.
  • Remotely programmable to automatically respond to endless custom designed conditions or messages requested by the user and may be tied into the monitoring of other hospital systems.
  • The applications for notification or communication with this system are limitless.

Sample Processing Reports

The In-House Monitoring software allows the manager to monitor current, real-time processing of the equipment, and provides complete performance diagnostic capability. Additionally, the manager can down load all historic process information directly into the software’s database. This information can then be viewed two different ways. First, the information provides the manager with the ability to monitor the operators’ ID, the operators’ performance efficiency levels, how many cycles were run on a particular day, and the length of the cycles. From this data, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly volumes can be determined. Secondly, the database provides the manager with total machine performance. From this information, maintenance requirements can be scheduled and repairs performed without affecting processing performance. The software enables the facility to have on file, a synopsis of every cycle the machine runs during its lifetime, providing a secondary validation of cycle proficiency and efficacy. All information can be formatted and printed as required.

System offers complete automation of waste generation by recording the weights of each load processed, and the department generating the waste thus aiding in reporting on cost for treatment of waste by department.

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